Superb 1950s Danish Armchair

Superb 1950s Danish Armchair.

Superb 1950s Danish armchair. One of the nicest Danish 1950’s armchairs we’ve seen in a long time . The arms have teak panels , and the fixed legs are of oak with teak ends , which is a nice simple detail . The shape is really good .

Beautiful sprung  traditional upholstery guarantees its comfort .

The original wool upholstery is in good enough condition to use “as is ” but we’ve also listed it here as for re-upholstery as we think most people will want to have this done . The cost for the upholstery work would be £250 + vat and would need approx 5 meters of fabric.

Chairs like this compare for build and quality with Papa Bear chairs selling for 8 -10 times as much !

Materials: Wool, Teak,

Price: SOLD

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