A Teak Staples Ladderax medium height single bay system

A Teak Staples Ladderax medium height single bay system which we can customise with various options available .

Its on the bronze/gold metal ladders without full floor legs , rather than the angled ones for a skirting board . The standard ladder height is 201 cms , but there are various shorter ones made , and these are 163cms .

It can be used as a stand alone single bay , or can be added to a larger system to add 2 lower bays . We currently have a 3 bay bronze ladder system to which this can be added , or we can consider replacing 1 or 2 bays with lower bays if preferred .

We can add in shelves of various depths , or we can put in other pieces such as sliding door cabinets .

Price will depend on configuration and pieces required subject to availability . We’ve bought a number of various systems recently , and have another large system currently rented to a film company . Therefore we have quite a lot of flexibility .

Virtually every vintage system comes with a fall-front bureau , so they’re by far the cheapest component available .

Read our Buyers Guide to Ladderax blog for some basic advice about buying .We hope you find it helpful and informative . It’s a work in progress , so if you ask us anything we’ll add to it to hopefully improve it .

We can sell you various systems at the moment in vintage condition or cleaned and re-polished . Please remember that some vintage units will have had a harder life than others , and will be priced accordingly . If you let us know your preferred layout and components we’ll send you prices and photos of each piece that we’re actually selling .

Just remember flexibility and restoration come at a price .These are vintage pieces so it’s not like ordering from a new catalogue , but we can make it as close as possible at the moment .

Materials: teak , bronze metal ladders

Dimensions: ht 163cms , width 89cms


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