Top quality Younger large teak chest c 1965

Top quality Younger large teak chest c 1965.

Illustrated in the Younger 1964 catalogue its from the Codan Range designed like all Younger pieces at this time by John Herbert FSIA . Younger pieces were always much more expensive than G Plan due to their use at this time of solid teak rather than veneers as well as top quality construction . By 1968 this range had to be replaced by a cheaper less stylish range as it was too expensive .
Its 114cms wide ,105cms high and 48cms deep . Labelled behind a drawer .
This one has been cleaned and re-polished and is now in beautiful condition .

Younger furniture was expensive , and only the wealthy middle classes could afford it , and mostly their sales were for their dining furniture which visitors would see . Most people could not afford their bedroom pieces so they’re seldom seen .
We’d never had 1 of these before and we’ve been lucky and found another 1 in sad condition , but they are so solid and well made , it now is back to its former glory .

Price: SOLD

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