Turnidge of London 1960s teak bookcase 151.5cms

Turnidge of London 1960s teak bookcase 151.5cms

We’ve not had this Turnidge design before . The label is a metal one which looks earlier than the usual labels that we’ve come across on the many pieces we’ve had before by them . The shape looks to be from the early 1960s . The use of a bank of drawers to one side is a feature which we’ve never across before with them , and will have made it quite expensive to produce at the time . Drawers made using traditional dovetails take a lot more work than cupboard or sliding glass doors .

It’s been given a light clean then oiled . There are no obvious marks or noticeable scratches so it’s looking really good . There are a couple of small chips to one of the glass shelves .

It’s 151.5cms long , 28cms deep and 88cms high .

Price: SOLD

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