Uniflex 60s Q Range large wardrobe Gunther Hoffstead

Uniflex 60s Q Range large wardrobe wardrobe designed by Gunther Hoffstead in good vintage condition .

Gunther Hoffstead was apparently a Danish designer who worked for the progressive medium sized maker Uniflex in the early 1960s . He came up with this and other innovative ranges which were ahead of their time . They didn’t sell in large numbers , as they were probably too advanced for most British buyers at the time . The chests of drawers particularly from the Q Range still look amazingly modern today which is a sign of a great design .

This lovely wardrobe at 5ft wide is larger than any produced by G Plan and most other better known British makers of the time . Most wardrobes in the early 1960s when this was made would be 3ft or 4ft wide . This large size would appeal to those with bigger houses and more money at a time when people had far fewer clothes than today .

It’s designed to come to pieces , but you’ll need 3 people and some patience to re-assemble it . Its on small wheels , which helps if you live in a bungalow , but not of great assistance if it has to go up a staircase ! We’ve priced it really cheaply as it’s bulky and takes time to put it together .

The wood looks to be cherry or a very pale teak perhaps . We’ve seen this range in teak , as well as in this lighter colour . It’s similar to the wood that was used by Stag in their Fineline range . Stag pieces of the same era can be as stylish , but are never as well finished as Uniflex was .

Materials: light teak or cherry

Dimensions: 152.5cms wide , 172 high and 55 deep

Price: SOLD

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