Uniflex Q Range chest of drawers by Gunther Hoffstead

Uniflex Q Range chest of drawers by Gunther Hoffstead in good vintage condition .

The Danish designer Gunther Hoffstead designed for the small innovative firm of Uniflex in the early 1960s . He designed some of the most modern looking pieces in the UK at this time . The Q Range is one of the best known of his designs for Uniflex . Gunther Hoffstead appears to have been a Danish born designer , but apart from his work for Uniflex he seems to be unknown . Peter Hayward was amongst others who designed for Uniflex which was the brand name for L Lazurus .

The Q Range sometimes is found in teak  , but mainly it’s seen in this lighter wood which looks like cherry . Stag also used a similar light wood in the early 1960s . Uniflex pieces are always beautifully made , and are better finished than Stag , so they wouldn’t have been cheap when new .

The best test of a good design is whether it still looks modern 50 years later , and the Q Range definitely stands out in this respect .

Materials: light teak or cherry

Dimensions: 112.5 cms high 75 wide 46 deep

Price: SOLD

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