Unusual Smart teak Mcintosh Dunoon sideboard

Unusual Smart teak Mcintosh Dunoon sideboard.

This lovely model has various features that would have meant that it was more expensive when new than the standard Dunvegan and Dunfermline models that are most commonly seen and which were both made for many years . The leg is more sculptural than the usual leg and would have taken longer to produce and need more skill as would the stylish circular handles . We recently acquired a 1965 McIntosh cabinet where it’s shown , but it’s not in later ones from 1968 so will have only been made for 2 or 3 years . In 1965 it cost about 13% more than the Dunvegan !

It had  a few signs of wear and use after some 50 years, so our in-house restorer has cleaned it and re-polished it. It now looks fabulous and ready to grace any home. We always recommend using a natural non silicon beeswax spray as many sprays like Pledge & Mr Sheen will gradually remove the finish over time and leave it more vulnerable to damage. Most makers in the 1960’s recommended wiping rather than the use of sprays and polishes for this reason but over the years owners have forgotten this !


Materials: Teak

Dimensions: Length 213.5cm, height 80cm

Price: £800

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