Upcycled 70s G Plan teak units 162cms

Upcycled 70s G Plan teak units 162cms.

We have the potential to sell a pair of these lovely units .They start out with plinth bases and tops with glazed doors and shelving , which are not so popular today . We bought a pair , removed the plinth off this one , removed the top half , and then re-polished the top before putting these stylish black metal hairpin legs . We have 2 of these available .
Its 162cms wide , 46cms deep and 74cms in height .
Original G Plan label . Slightly darker areas where tops stood only visible on close inspection.

The quality of 1960s and 70s G Plan is tremendous , and can’t be found on the High Street today even at 3 to 4 times these prices . A few years ago the current owners of G Plan tried to come up with new versions of this era , but the quality of teak , and manufacture was noticeably poorer , and prices were way beyond those of vintage pieces .

Materials: Teak

Dimensions: length 162cm

Price: SOLD

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