Vintage French Lava Tiled Coffee Table c 1960

Vintage  French Lava Tiled Coffee Table c 1960

Design in the manner of  Robert & Jean Cloutier for Potiers de Vallauris . Lava pottery tiles are heavy and always hand-painted so each piece is unique . Unlike the commonly seen Belgian tiled tables French ones like these are rarely signed . The designs of Robert + Jean Cloutier and Roger Capron are increasingly being recognised and sought after . 4 or 5 years ago both Jonathan and Andrew on separate trips to France bought tables by Cloutier quite cheaply just because we thought they were stylish .

So if you’re looking for a small practical coffee table that is unlike any other this may be the one for you . The cast metal base is typical of the hand-forged ones found on Cloutier tables .

Its 79cms x 40cms , height 37cms .


Materials: Tiled

Price: £375

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