Vintage Ladderax shallow bookcase systems to order

Vintage Ladderax shallow bookcase systems to order

We currently have black and white 201cm ladders available in the shallow 20cm size . The black ones shown have been sandblasted and re-sprayed by a local specialist company , and we can have more done to match . We also have a number of vintage white ladders available .

As you’ll see we have various shelf sizes available . The most common standard sizes are 89cms and 59cms , but as you’ll see there are longer ones and shorter ones , so you can come up with various total sizes and also make the system more interesting .

As you’ll see some shelves may be more faded than others due to sunlight or when they were produced , but we will try and match colours of teak as much as possible , and will always send photos before you commit to a purchase . We also have some cross braces available which are advisable for the larger width bays .


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