Vintage Staples Ladderax 3 bay system configuration

Vintage Staples Ladderax 3 bay system configuration

The chair is Ladderax , but is only shown here for illustration . The chairs don’t come up for sale very often , and as this is only the first one we’ve had we’re looking to keep it at the moment .

This system can be re-configured with the narrower bay to one side and pieces moved . We’re often asked for personalised systems , which takes time to set up , and also to find units that match well in colour and condition . If we’ve got the components in stock we can change pieces and add further ladders , and can then quote a price as some pieces are harder to find and more in demand than others , so expect to pay more for sets with chests of drawers and a lot of deep shelves . This configuration has more deep shelves than many , but is typical of layouts we’re being asked for .

This set has 4 of the 4 legged ladders . Our price includes having them sand-blasted and professionally re-sprayed as they’re currently rather pitted and in need of re-doing . If you’re prepared to accept them in vintage condition we can reduce our price by £150 .

The units and shelves are in good vintage condition , but you always have to expect some scratches and marks on any vintage set of Ladderax .

The wide units and shelves are 89cms wide , and the narrow ones are 59cms , then add a few cms for the actual ladders . The height is the standard height of 201cms .

Price: £SOLD

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