White and Newton Compton short teak sideboard 1967

White and Newton Compton short teak sideboard 1967.

This is a model that we’d never seen before. When we checked with Philip Hussey who designed it in 1967 he tells us that he believes that only a batch of 50 were made. Which is an extremely short run for a large furniture manufacturer at the time. He was able to tell us also that the model name was Compton.

Philip wrote at one point “A distillation of one of the basic precepts of modern design that the unique beauty of natural wood needs no fussy adornment”. This is definitely true with this lovely understated design .

Its a nice neat size at 167cms long 43cms deep and a fairly low 70cms. It’s smaller and lighter than most White and Newton sideboards of the time.

As with all their pieces of this period it came to us with it’s original polyurethane varnish which after some 50 years of use was looking a little tired. We stripped the varnish, cleaned the sideboard and then gave it a natural oiled finish which we think is nicer, more natural and easy to keep in  good order.

Materials: Teak

Dimensions: 167cm x 43cm, height 70cm.

Price: SOLD

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