Young Ideas G Plan light oak dressing table by Richard Young

Young Ideas G Plan light oak dressing table by Richard Young .

Richard Young designed a couple of ranges in the early 1960s for G Plan . He’s best known however for setting up and designing for Merrow Associates in the late 1960s and 70s . His early designs for G Plan were possibly too advanced for their time as they’re rarely seen not only for sale , but also they don’t appear much in the G Plan catalogues . He designed a lovely Hans Wegner style dining table and chairs for them , but we’ve yet to find it in any of the catalogues , and it rarely comes up for sale . We do have 1 catalogue from c 1964 with the full Young Idea Bedroom Range shown . It was described as ” The perfect answer for young moderns ” . It was designed to be semi-fitted with wardrobes and storage beds as well as chests and dressing tables . However individual pieces like this stylish and practical dressing tables make great stand alone pieces .

We currently have a pair of the matching 3 drawer chests , and will be taking photos of them showing them with this piece .

The mirror can be upright or angled . The use of white laminate means there are no worries about spilling perfumes and damaging the top . For a smaller bedroom it could double as a small desk . We’ve only had 1 before which sold very quickly at a small Fair we did in London .

Materials: light oak

Dimensions: 102cms wide 43deep

Price: £475 RESERVED

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