A Younger 60s teak sideboard 198cms

A Younger 60s teak sideboard 198cms.

A Younger designs by John Herbert are always very smart , and they were one of the top quality makers in the early 1960s when this piece was made . More expensive than bigger makers such as G Plan and McIntosh , they produced a number of different models up until 1968 when the range was reduced to 2 to reduce costs at a time when buyers less to spend .
Its not a model that’s seen very often , and isn’t in the 1964 catalogue we have so we don’t know the model name .
Its 198cms long , 74cms high , 45 deep

It had been stained a dark rosewood colour grain at some point when teak became unfashionable .
Our full-time restorer has cleaned it right back and re-polished it so its now in top condition .
Sideboards like this are still excellent value in the UK and many can be seen on foreign websites at triple UK prices .

Materials: Teak

Price: SOLD

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