A Younger Codan teak dressing table/desk John Herbert design

A Younger Codan teak dressing table/desk John Herbert design

Some people want these as shallow desks without the mirror .

A Younger were an up market maker of good quality contemporary furniture in the 1960s and their pieces would have been noticeably more expensive than G Plan and most other makers at the time . This lovely range was shown in the 1964 brochure we have , but was no longer there in 1968 when to reduce costs and prices they rationalised their ranges considerably . Due to the market changing under the Harold Wilson Labour government , they had to make their pieces more competitive so the expensive Codan range had to be withdrawn . It’s our favourite Younger bedroom model , and we currently also have the matching chest of drawers which is even harder to find

This one has now  been given a clean and oil as there were a few small marks to the top . The great thing about the pre-1968 pieces is that not only are they lovely quality , but also they have a natural oiled finish which is easy to clean and longer term is easier to look after . We recommend a natural beeswax spray as the standard spray polishes have silicon in them which although it gives a shine it actually removes a layer of polish over time !

John Herbert was a very accomplished designer for A Younger for over a decade , but as yet little else is known about him .

We are always on the look out for any 1960s pieces by A Younger and still don’t come across many of these as there weren’t many bought back in the day . We worked out that the Younger sideboard names all have to do with alcohol , but the bedroom range names are a mystery , so we don’t known where the name Codan comes from . Other ranges were called Russell and Kysten Perle ( a Swedish restaurant ! )

This one has quite a striking grain to the top as has the chest of drawers that came with it , but we do have another dressing table that has a more standard grain which will be a little cheaper , but it does have some bloom to the mirror which this one doesn’t  .

Materials: Teak

Price: £475

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