A Younger Da Silva teak sideboard designed by John J Herbert ANOTHER

A Younger Da Silva teak sideboard designed by John Herbert ANOTHER.

It’s illustrated in the A Younger 1964 catalogue , and was no longer available by 1968 . The 1964 catalogue describes the finish as being oiled teak . By 1968 Youngers like many of their competitors had started to use polyurethane varnished finishes , which are much shinier and the teak is  more orange in colour than their early and mid 1960s pieces like this one .

It’s 198cms long , 73.5cms high and 47cms deep ( plus handles )

This model is  today one of John Herbert’s most popular designs , and it was made at a time when Younger’s were a premium brand so the build quality is excellent and the teak is a nice colour .It just needs a light clean and oil before we can take photographs of the actual sideboard . The one shown is one we sold in September 2019 .

Materials: teak


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