A Younger late 60s teak short Sequence sideboard restored

A Younger late 60s teak short Sequence sideboard restored .

We’ve been lucky recently and managed to source 3 of these lovely sideboards within a few weeks of each other as they don’t turn up that often . The other 2 sold very quickly , so this one has now been given a light clean as there were a couple of small marks to the top . There are no noticeable marks or obvious scratches just the very minor signs of wear that you have to expect after around 50 years of careful use .

This is the shorter of the 2 Sequence models that were introduced in 1968 to replace a number of other models . This was done to reduce costs by rationalising their range at a time when wealthier British customers had less to spend due to higher taxes . Rather than reduce quality , A Younger decided it was better to concentrate on one model rather than the previous 6 to 8 different ones . Also they felt it was time to produce a shorter version . As with G Plan and McIntosh there was a demand for smaller models , even if it was a lot less than for the longer version . As a result this size is much rarer , and probably for every 5 or 6 long ones , you’ll find one of this size .

A Younger furniture was always more expensive than pieces by G Plan and McIntosh . Their chief designer from the mid 1950s was the talented John Herbert , and they were one of the first British mainstream makers to use afromosia and teak in the 1950s .  He was joined by a little known designer  called Alan Pledge who assisted him in coming up with the Sequence range .

We may also have the longer version of this lovely sideboard in stock as we do look out for them . So just ask and hopefully we will have one available .


Materials: teak

Dimensions: 167cms long 79 high 46 deep

Price: SOLD

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