A Younger long Sequence teak sideboard c 1970 re-polished

A Younger long Sequence teak sideboard c 1970 re-polished

A Younger introduced the Sequence Range in 1968 to replace a larger range of models that they had produced until then . Younger’s were always a more expensive and exclusive maker than their larger rivals such as G Plan and McIntosh , but the economic situation in the late 1960s favoured middle income families over the most highly paid , so reducing their range made their pieces more competitive . Their sideboards were still more expensive than G Plan and McIntosh , but the gap would not have been as much as it was prior to 1968 .

This range has become noticeably more sought after in the last 2 years with both British and export customers .

A Younger also decided to follow G Plan in giving their pieces a high polyurethane finish to protect the teak . However if not cleaned as per the original care instructions this deteriorated over time allowing it to mark more easily . This one had quite a few marks to it , so we had to strip off the original finish , then clean and re-polish it . We prefer the more natural oiled finish , and that is what it now has . As you’ll see in one of the photos there are still some small signs of wear that you will see if you look very closely .

Materials: teak

Dimensions: 213cms long 79.5 high 46 deep

Price: SOLD

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