A Younger Teak Sideboard,1960s J Herbert Design

Rare A Younger teak sideboard dating to early 1960s J Herbert design. John Herbert was a very accomplished designer, and A Younger one of the best quality medium sized British makers. This is a model we’ve only had once before, and its not one of the models illustrated in the 1964 catalogue that we have in our reference library. Between 1960 and 1968 A Younger produced quite a number of different sideboards of totally different designs, far more than larger firms such as G Plan. This suited their market at the time, which was more discerning and with more money to spend than many of their larger competitors. In 1968 due to a change in government and higher taxes for the wealthy Youngers introduced a cheaper range of furniture with only 1 basic sideboard design, and this lovely piece definitely pre-dates this.

As with many Younger pieces their label is discretely placed on the back of the back of a drawer, as their pieces were often retailed by small up-market furniture shops who didn’t like makers to label their pieces. The simple lines are typical of John Herbert’s designs, and the quality is excellent as you’d expect, using particularly nicely grained teak.

Younger pieces of this period are always made with lovely teak with an unvarnished finish. It cleans much more easily than less expensive teak pieces, so all it needed was a light clean and oil to return it to it’s original colour and condition. There are no obvious marks or damage.

Materials: Teak

Dimensions: 213cm length / 72.5cm height / 46cm depth

Price: SOLD

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