Dalescraft the British maker of dining tables with removeable legs !

Dalescraft the British maker of dining tables with removeable legs !

Malcolm David Walker the owner and designer for the small quality British firm of Dalescraft was a great fan of Danish design , and his pieces from the 1960s were heavily influenced by Scandinavian furniture . Some Dalescraft pieces look very Danish and can be very close in style and detailing to well known pieces , others just reflect the aesthetic look .

His dining table designs don’t particularly look Scandinavian , but the one feature that he did copy on many occasions is the idea of having legs that can be easily removed to make transportation easier and less costly . We’ve only seen one G Plan model with removeable legs , and that’s rarely seen . All McIntosh and A Younger dining tables we’ve seen have fixed legs which are glued and screwed . Some other British makes occasionally made models whose legs could be taken off , we’ve seen 1 oval model by Greaves + Thomas and a couple by White + Newton .

Most Scandinavian tables have legs that simply unscrew , so are great for those that live in apartment blocks or who have narrow doorways . We’ve also had a few problems over the years where people have replaced original doors with new double glazed ones which are narrower ! Tables have gone in , but due to changes won’t go out so easily . We recently had to take a G Plan Ib Kofod Larsen table through a swimming pool extension then out through a garden . On another occasion we took a lovely British table up 5 flights of stairs as it wouldn’t fit in the lift only to find it wouldn’t go through the front door ! We returned a few weeks later with a slightly more expensive Danish one .

We currently have 6 different Dalescraft dining tables in stock , of which 4 in teak have removeable legs that bolt on , and another late 1950s model in afromosia has a removeable top , so only the narrower base has to go through a doorway . The last one we have is a larger rosewood extending table , but that has fixed legs .

We’ve seen Dalescraft pieces with Heals of London labels on and there