Early Staples Ladderax information from 1962

Early Staples Ladderax information from 1962

We recently added a November 1962 Staples Ladderax leaflet to our growing collection of vintage British furniture catalogues and brochures . If you’d checked on Wikipedia it would have told you that Christopher Heal designed Ladderax in 1964 ! We’ve edited that to say early 1960s .

In 1962 it looks as if all you get was black metal ladders with 2 widths of cabinets and shelves . There were no drawers available so the 3 drawer and single drawer units must have come later as did white and bronze ladders and then c 1970 wood ladders . Understandably things like corner shelves , wardrobes and freestanding accessories such as chairs and tables all came later .

The cabinet handles were different to the ones you normally see today so they must have been redesigned at some early stage . For drop front cabinets locks were optional extra at £1 5shillings which is about £26 allowing for inflation .

The metal ladders cost nearly £4 each or around £80 allowing for inflation over the last 55 years . The 89cms sliding door cabinets cost £17 which today is around £350 , and the fall front cabinets were £19 10 shillings , now over £400 . So Ladderax cabinets were always expensive , and bearing in mind the cost of making drawers the chests of 3 drawers when they did come in must have been even more expensive .

Ladderax according to the 1962 leaflet then had a provisional patent number 37748/62 , so we’re assuming the patent must have been applied for in 1962 , and that Christopher Heal must have designed the system c 1960 .

It was designed to be freestanding as a room divider , but we’ve never seen it used that way .

We do have a Ladderax leaflet from around c 1970 but this didn’t come with a pricelist .

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