First G Plan teak Fresco hall or console table we’ve had !

First G Plan teak Fresco hall or console table we’ve had!

We’ve had dozens of the Fresco sideboards in the last 8 years and seen hundreds more, but these side tables rarely come up for sale so when we saw this one we took the chance to buy it.

Designed like all the Fresco pieces by Victor Bramwell Wilkins, we’ve found it illustrated in a 1968 G Plan catalogue when the range was in it’s early days. It then cost £25 10 shillings at a time when the 7ft sideboards were priced at £62 10 shillings. It’s not in the 1974 or 1975 catalogues so maybe it was only made for a short time. It obviously didn’t sell in large numbers as we can’t currently find one in good condition for sale in the UK.

The design is now just over 50 years old but as the 1968 catalogue says ” In the Fresco range, Victor Wilkins, G Plan’s design consultant introduces a new look to modern furniture : the sculptured look. A rounding of hard edges. A delicate curving of edges. A molded feel to the handles. Fresco is modern sculpture to live with -very comfortably ! “