First time we’ve had a Ladderax drop-leaf dining table

First time we’ve had a Ladderax drop-leaf dining table.

Some time in the late 1960’s Staples Ladderax introduced a small but well thought out dining table. They don’t come up for sale very often as very few were bought back in the day. The table is designed to sit between standard width units when not in use and was obviously for those in smaller homes.

Possibly not the smartest dining table you will see but it was extremely well thought out as even though it’s really quite small it was designed to take 4 or even 6 seats. An original Ladderax catalogue describes it as ” The table top is hardwood veneered teak and the special steel frame is recessed to avoid obstructing seated persons “. We’ve seen one person online claiming it would even seat 8 but we can’t see how this is possible!

We have a 1974 catalogue with price-list and the table was then priced at £45.80 including VAT at the then low rate of only 10%. An online inflation calculator puts that at around £540 in today’s money, so not a cheap piece in its day.

The matching dining or desk chairs also don’t come up for sale that often. They had a tan leather hide slung usually, but black was also available. We have 1 chair and that is the only one we’ve had the chance to buy, but like the tables they do turn up from time to time on Ebay and in auctions. Neither the tables nor the chairs are labelled so it may be that some will come for sale without the seller knowing they’re Ladderax.

The tables and chairs were available in black, white, bronze or even grey enameled steel. However they’re virtually always seen in black. It will be possible to have the bases re-done professionally.

The chairs were available with or without arms and cost £21.40 without and £25.85 with or in todays terms about £250 and £300 each. This was definitely not cheap furniture, it was style at a price.