G Plan ephemera a rare survivor from the mid 1960s

We found this amazing original G Plan small ” poster ” still in place on the back of a sideboard door ! The sideboard is a rarely seen design by the well known Danish designer Ib Kofod Larsen . Most of the pieces he designed were introduced in about 1962 , and we have an original G Plan Danish Design leaflet from 1963 that shows the then range of pieces . Very few designs were added after 1963 but the sideboard makes it’s appearance in a 1966 catalogue . The 1968 G Plan catalogue doesn’t show any of the range at all and we think it must have been withdrawn in about 1967 , so this sideboard wouldn’t have been in production for very long .

We’ve seen the sideboard very occasionally but this is the first time we’ve actually had one . This version in teak apparently has rosewood handles , but as they have faded slightly they look like teak . In 1966 it would have set you back £65 , at a time when the standard G Plan 7ft teak sideboard from the Brasilia range would have cost you only £51 . The 1966 catalogue also shows the same model in rosewood with ” hide leather ” handles , and this would have cost you £85 . The latter version we’ve never even seen . In the mid-1960s an extra 20% was a lot of money and beyond most people’s pocket , today it seems like hardly anything ! Mid 1960s UK prices can be multiplied by around 20 times to take into account inflation over the following decades .

We bought this lovely sideboard along with other G Plan , Stag and Ladderax pieces from a house that had been furnished from the mid 1960s to the mid 1970s with pieces being added as more children arrived ! The Ladderax looked to have never been moved since it was bought , and possibly the sideboard was the same . Anyway it still had this great survivor of an original small ” poster ” showing how much could be placed in it’s capacious interior .