Ladderax , wood ladders or metal ladders , a personal choice !

Ladderax , wood ladders or metal ladders , a personal choice !

The main reason why you’ll see far fewer Ladderax systems with wood ladders is that they weren’t introduced until 1971 . Ladderax first appeared 10 years earlier in 1961 at which time it was only cabinets and shelves . The 3 drawer chests didn’t come on the market until 1964 . Tables and chairs appeared in 1965 . 1967 was an important year as LP cabinets , wardrobes , the single drawer units and corner shelves were added making a much more flexible and interesting system .

In 1968 white fronted units came in , followed in 1968 by rosewood units produced to order . Rosewood units would have been considerably more expensive particularly at a time when the British economy was going through hard times with much higher taxes for higher earners , and thus they’re rarely seen today .

In 1971 “teak coloured ” ladders first appear , as do white painted version which we’ve yet to see . Wood ladders were obviously much more expensive to produce as a lot more labour was involved , so it’s not surprising that they were just over 50% more expensive . White painted ladders were just over 10% more expensive again . Even though wood ladders were more expensive they did prove popular as they modernised the look and were in keeping with the changing times .

Today we find that wood ladders are not as popular as the metal ones so we sell them at about 20% less than vintage metal ladders and about 50% less than re-furbished ones ( sand-blasted and powder coated resprayed ) . Supply and demand dictates the price on the secondary vintage market at the end of the day ! This may change in years to come if the early 1970s look becomes more popular than the 1960s one .

The final addition to the Ladderax range was in 1975 when the Regency range was introduced . Times were definitely changing , with more traditional styles appearing all over the British market . Many firms such as G Plan and McIntosh reacted by combining the Regency style ,which was then very popular in the Antique and Reproduction market with a modern shape . Wall units as well as Ladderax got the mahogany Regency treatment with truly awful results ! However people bought it in large enough numbers so it kept a percentage of the workforce in work for a few years . Ladderax lasted just under 20 years and didn’t disappeared just as Margaret Thatcher’s highly conservative government came into power in 1979 .