The McIntosh teak Forfar sideboard introduced 1969

The McIntosh teak Forfar sideboard introduced in 1969

In 1969 with decimalisation on its way the 1969 McIntosh catalogue introduced the new Fife and Forfar dining ranges , so their price list offered pieces in either £s Shillings and Pence or in the decimal equivalent !

The Forfar and Fife sideboards were related designs with the same panelled detailing and cut out sides . Both sideboards were priced at the same amount which was £80 14 shillings and 9 pence , or in decimal terms £80.74 !! In the same catalogue you’ll find the ever popular Dunvegan sideboard priced at £57 exactly . The Dunvegan was in production from c1961/1962 for nearly 20 years . So a price on the Forfar of just over £80 was about 40% more expensive than the Dunvegan which was a considerable difference . £80 in 1969 is now equivalent to about £1280 according to one UK inflation calculator I’ve just looked at . That’s without taking into account other factors that today mean that UK traditionally made furniture has risen in cost by well over inflation . So a UK piece of this quality today would probably have to retail for around £2000 or even more .

As it was so much more expensive than other McIntosh sideboards and those of their competitors like G Plan this model isn’t often found .

McIntosh emphasised the extra amount of display space , and photographed it with trendy young models . By the late 1960s display space was becoming an important feature , and by the mid 1970s wall units were much more popular in the UK as home owners were collecting and displaying pieces in larger amounts rather than hiding them away in cupboards .

This model unlike some of the Highboards and wall units will work well with current TVs as it’s not too high . So if you’re looking for a nicely made 1960s teak sideboard that’s a little bit different and sensibly priced this is one for you as we’re offering it in good vintage condition for a lot less than the standard Dunvegan even though back in the day it would have cost you some 40% more .