Meredew and Robert Heritage, The Shara teak sideboard from 1969

Meredew and Robert Heritage , The Shara teak sideboard from 1969

Meredew had a very accomplished and long standing chief designer in Alphons Loebenstein , but he didn’t design all their pieces in the 1950s and 1960s . They occasionally used outside designers and as in this case they sometimes name the designer in their catalogues . We appear to be the first online to reveal that this unusual cocktail sideboard was designed by one of Britain’s most successful designers Robert Heritage . We added a 1969 Meredew catalogue to our collection 3 or 4 years ago and this is the first time we’ve managed to buy this model although it does come up for sale from time to time .

Robert Heritage is probably best known for his many designs for the high quality maker Archie Shine , but he was an independent designer who worked for a number of other British furniture makers over the years as well as being an influential professor of design at the RCA .

Heritage had an amazing ability to come up with designs that look totally different from each other . There is no Heritage style that links his designs so his work for Archie Shine is totally different from that for other companies and this model shares no features with anything else he designed . The Danish designer Ib Kofod Larsen who worked for numerous companies often used variations of work for other companies in his pieces , so there is a Kofod Larsen look quite often and also with many others . Robert Heritage was adept at coming up with new ideas and this is a good example .

Meredew in the 1950s and well into the 1960s were aiming at the middle market and did nothing to try to push the boundaries until around 1968 . The catalogue we have from January 1969 introduces this amazing model and 2 others presumably by Loebenstein and his in-house team , the rarely seen Rajah which looks like a sleeker version of G Plans Fresco and the Lancer which we’ve been lucky to have every so often . All 3 models stand out as being that little bit more stylish and interesting than their previous 1960s ranges . The Shara was the most expensive and largest of the 3 teak sideboards in the 1969 catalogue . It would have cost you £64 6 shillings in January 1969 .