A Mid-Century dining table is not just for Christmas

A Mid-Century dining table is not just for Christmas so order your’s now !

Most British tables from the 1960s and 1970s were either 4 /6 seaters or 6/8 ones , and 98% of them have fixed legs , so always check they’ll fit through your doorways before buying . If you look at the G Plan circular dining table which is the most commonly seen one of that era in the UK , it’s obvious that it will seat 4 and extend to seat only 6 . The G Plan oval ones were designed usually to seat 6 un-extended , although there was one rare variant that is only occasionally seen which was designed to seat 8 or 10 . Other British makers such as McIntosh , Younger , White and Newton and Dalescraft mainly made tables to seat 4 or 6 comfortably with only the odd model for 8 . Indeed some British models at the time seat the same number of people with or without the extension leaf , just giving each diner more space .

Danish and Swedish tables unlike their British counterparts virtually all have removeable legs , and if they don’t the top was designed to come off the base , so taking much less space to transport , and easy to deliver . Both Scandinavian countries had a large export market for their furniture so space in vans was important , but also in both countries a large proportion of people live in city apartments , often with small lifts , so it was useful if they could be taken to pieces .

Supply and demand always dictate prices in the market , and in the vintage one the supply is fixed for obvious reasons so it is demand that is paramount . In the UK in the 1960s and 70s many people bought circular and oval tables , but currently we find that rectangular ones are more in fashion . There is a definite shortage in the UK of tables that will seat more than 8 , so expect to pay quite a premium to get one that will seat 10 , and even more to take 12 .

Generally teak is much cheaper than rosewood of the 2 timbers used back in the day , and it would have been noticeably so at the time also . Teak is also easier to clean and re-polish if marked particularly if done speedily .

If you’re wanting a 4 /6 seat standard British table then there are plenty of good value options out there particularly if you’re happy to buy a circular table by G Plan , McIntosh or one of the smaller makes . Rectangular ones , particularly the larger ones to seat 8 are going to be more expensive . We really like those by A Younger who were selling to a well healed middle class customer , and the larger McIntosh rectangular table with 2 extension leaves . Dalescraft also made some great tables , but usually they are relatively small . White and Newton made some distinctive models , but often they were only designed to seat 6 comfortably , although there are models that took more .

Danish and Swedish pieces were more expensive than British ones of the same quality in the 1960s , and still are today . Best value Danish ones are those that start as circles and ovals and extend with 1 or 2 leaves , and many are unbelievably cheap for what they are . Bearing in mind that a new boring teak Nathan table will cost you over £1000 there are some great vintage pieces around for a lot less , but if you have a larger budget there’s some stunning ones around .

In general Danish tables found in the UK are likely to be 8/10 seaters , and anything larger is hard to find . Depending on the design an 8/10 seater usually extends to around 220-240 cms and a 10/12 more like 270-300 cms . Other than length the width or diameter of a table affects how many a table will seat , so a table that’s got a larger diameter doesn’t need to extend as much as some rectangular ones particularly if it’s a pedestal table with no awkward legs to get in the way of comfort .

We usually have 30-40 vintage dining tables in stock at any one time , mainly in teak . Our prices start at around £100 for a standard G Plan circular table in fair vintage condition , or around £250 for one that’s been cleaned and re-polished . The most expensive table we’ve sold was around £5000 , but most are in the mid hundreds .