“New Teak Bedroom” range by Peter Liley for Meredew 1969

“New Teak Bedroom range” by Peter Liley for Meredew 1969

In their 1969 catalogue Meredew launched 3 related ranges all designed by Peter Liley . This one , an identical design but in oak ” New Oak Bedroom” , and another in tola of same shapes but with metal ring handles called ” New Tola Bedroom ” . Not the most catchy names , but a clever way of consolidating manufacturing yet coming up with 3 ranges . The British economy was not doing well in the late 1960s and a number of manufacturers were looking to make savings to stay competitive . G Plan had their all encompassing Fresco range ,Lebus launched their unsuccessful Europa range , and Schreiber having taken over Greaves and Thomas were making major changes to reduce costs .

Their Spring 1969 catalogue says ” Meredew New Teak is modern furniture of the highest quality . Each individual piece , produced by quietly combining fine teak and deep warm crown cut teak veneer , has smooth classic lines , complimented by the clean uncluttered design of handles and other fittings . Slim elegant legs and capacious storage blend in a harmony that is a pleasure to the eye and at the same time is very practical ” We think the dished oval handles are really stylish as are the legs . The range comprised of 4 different mirrored dressing chests and 4 different chests of drawers .

We’ve had other chests from this range before , but they don’t appear very often . 1969 was not the best time to launch a new range , particularly as G Plan with their Fresco range introduced a couple of years earlier had already taken a good hold on the market for contemporary bedroom and dining room furniture . Lebus were struggling with their Europa range at the time . We think this range is far more stylish than Fresco .

Meredew rarely mention designer names in their catalogues , and until now we had never seen the name of Peter Liley . If anyone can tell us anything about him we would be very interested in hearing from you as we’re always looking to find out more about Mid-Century British designers .

These 2 lovely double chests will be on the website soon !