Rarely seen Peebles chairs by McIntosh of Kircaldy mid 1960s .

Rarely seen Peebles chairs by McIntosh of Kircaldy mid 1960s

This chair was introduced by McIntosh in 1964 as part of a dining set called the Peebles . We found it illustrated with this name in a trade magazine called The Cabinet Maker at the British Library on a research trip . We have as yet not seen a Peebles sideboard and it wasn’t shown with the chairs . We don’t as yet have a 1964 catalogue , but in the 1965 catalogue it’s shown as part of a range called Dunedin . The Dunedin sideboard is a model we’ve never had before which is not surprising as in 1965 it would have cost you twice as much as the slightly smaller Dunvegan . This was a vast difference at the time as usually premium ranges were more likely to be around 20% more . In the 1966 catalogue the chair is still available , but only described as being an ” Additional piece ” ! It doesn’t appear in the 1966 catalogue .

These stylish chairs were made in teak or solid rosewood and are by far the most stylish chair that McIntosh made . The teak ones were about 50% more expensive than the more standard McIntosh dining chairs that are commonly seen today . We’ve had a pair of the rosewood versions before which were nearly double the price of the teak ones . At this time they were definitely a premium product and were made in very small numbers . They rarely come up for sale . They make great desk chairs . On this occasion we have 4 of this model and 2 with different arms which were presumably intended to be a carver version . This carver version is even rarer and isn’t shown in any of our catalogues . The 6 chairs were bought together and will be coming onto the website soon .