The 1960s teak magazine racks that are by Fyne Ladye and not Guy Rogers !

The 1960s teak magazine racks that are by Fyne Ladye and not Guy Rogers !

If you go on Ebay or make a google picture search for Guy Rogers teak magazine racks you’ll find 2 models shown regularly . We don’t know where the original attribution comes from , but we have definite proof that one of them is actually by Fyne Ladye Furniture ( Henry Stone ) as it’s shown as such in a 1963 trade publication ! The first one shown is the Fyne Ladye one , and we presume the slightly more delicate tapering one is actually by Guy Rogers .

Fyne Ladye of Banbury is best known for their designs by Richard Hornby , but they did use other designers such as Peter Haywood and their own chief designer the little known Leonard G Brinkworth .

It may be that Guy Rogers are known to have made the one model and then somebody has then started to call both Guy Rogers , or another possibility is that they bought in the ones from Fyne Ladye and sold them with their sofas and chairs which they are best known for . Another possibility is that an original buyer of a Guy Rogers sofa also bought a magazine rack from the same retailer and then sold it describing all as Guy Rogers ! We’ve yet to find an original Rogers catalogue . Stories start somewhere and then often get repeated incorrectly over time , and then once mentioned enough everybody then thinks they’re 100% true !

Fyne Ladye Furniture was still in business in 1967 , but most of the pieces we see are from their early 1960s afromosia ranges designed by Richard Hornby which were definitely still being sold in around 1964 . The trade magazines we’ve looked at show various designs by Hornby , Haywood and Brinkworth in teak , all very smart , but they don’t seem to have been that successful as we see very few of them coming up for sale . The afromosia pieces designed by Hornby make regular appearances all over the country and appear to have been very successful for a number of years .

We now have a 1961 Guy Rogers catalogue and a copy of a 1967 one , and neither show any magazine racks !