Trade export customers and containers sent

Trade customers and containers sent to the Far East and other parts of the world . Over the last few years we have sent pieces to dealers and interior decorators in France , The Netherlands , Spain , Italy , Rumania and Russia . We have sent around 8 or 9 20ft containers to Japan , and in 2016 we sent one to China .

In March 2017 we filled a 40ft container also for a Chinese customer , which included over 60 teak sideboards ! This was our largest order to date , and yet it still left us with around 25 sideboards in stock . We’re currently looking for more as we like to have some 40 plus in our warehouse .

Some of our export trade customers are looking for pieces in varying vintage condition , whilst others are only wanting fully restored pieces . We have an in-house furniture restorer who has over 15 years experience of polishing and restoration of antique and vintage furniture so if you’re looking for pieces that are in top ready to go condition we can provide this service . When pieces are cleaned and restored we don’t give them a cheap sprayed finish , only a hand polished one . This is more labour intensive and thus expensive , but gives a much nicer smarter finish .

We also have an in-house upholsterer who is there to help and advise on fabrics and detailing if required . Over the years we have sent upholstered chairs to a number of retail outlets including Jimmy Choo .

We have reliable couriers who regularly deliver to France , Holland , Belgium , Spain and Italy . We will always shrink wrap pieces , and if requested will also bubble wrap and cover with corrugated cardboard before a final layer of shrink-wrap is applied .

Single large items sent as part-loads to more distant destinations such as the US or Australia do need to be sent in purpose made boxes which we can do in-house , but this is expensive . We do get asked about shipping pieces of furniture by Sea or by Air , but it’s expensive and complicated to arrange so it’s only worth looking at for really expensive pieces .

It’s relatively cheap to send a 20ft or a 40ft container to the US , Australia and Far East . We then pack each piece in corrugated card to protect it en-route . The most important thing when sending a container is to have everything tightly packed so there is no movement in transit .  The fuller the container the better ! We have experience in packing to get the most pieces in each shipment as is possible , and also to make sure that there is no movement and thus damage .