Uniflex some things we’d love to see including this stylish 1960’s swivel chair !

Uniflex some things we’d love to see including this stylish 1960’s swivel chair . I have a fairly good collection of original 1960’s catalogues and have also spent time looking at copies of a trade paper called The Cabinet Maker . There are some pieces that look really stylish , but have yet to see in real life . Every so often we find one of these items in an auction or we get offered one for sale . It’s great to cross another piece off that bucket list ! This year we’ve added a rare Elliotts of Newbury ( EON ) sideboard and a Meredew teak Rajah sideboard to our stock for the first time .

This Uniflex swivel chair from the mid to late 1960’s was called The International Chair , and was described as ” The greatest chair on earth . The last word in comfort …the first chair ever designed as an extension of your body . The chair rocks and has a swivel action ” . A description probably meant to rival G Plan’s ” Most comfortable chair in the world ” claim , neither of which would be allowed under today’s advertising regulations ! It’s a stylish looking chair on a rosewood veneered base , and there was also a matching stool available . There must be some of these still around , but we’ve yet to see one . They’re probably not labelled so that might be one explanation , but they obviously weren’t the greatest sellers , or maybe they proved too expensive to re-upholster when that was needed .

Some other Uniflex pieces that don’t turn up very often are this blanket box and stool with the circular cut out designs which are in the same undated catalogue . We’re guessing its from around 1968-1970 when the Uniflex tag line was ” Choose your Uniflex furniture very, very carefully – It’s going to last you a long , long time ” . A boast that’s proved to be true as we see some great Uniflex pieces from the 1960’s that with care will still be around and giving pleasure in a further 50 years !