Upholstering Mid Century furniture, a quick guide on where to start, considerations and choices.

A Quick Upholstery Guide for Mid Century Furniture.

This quick guide will hopefully help you through the process of choosing something to be upholstered.

The first step is the piece of furniture, you have to love the shape and style and to be able to look past the poor condition, ripped fabric and possibly hideous pattern that you could find the piece in and imagine your favourite colour or a stylish neutral.

Choosing fabric can be the tricky part but just remember that if you love the piece of furniture the fabric and finish can be changed again and again. The rooms that you walk into where none of the fabric and furnishings actually match but somehow everything works together are always my favourite, these rooms often just evolve so consider mixing pattern and textures or many shades of one colour.

A nice Mid Century Danish armchair I recently upholstered for myself in a vibrant electric blue wool adding a deep navy silk velvet cushion has somehow transformed the feel of my own lounge. Choosing a small neat chair and adding pattern or colour is a simple way to be a little outrageous without risking too much.

So if your a little daunted by the process, just start small. Look in our chairs and sofa section and find a shape you love, then head onto Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration and ideas. Then we can help you with fabric choices, samples, finishes and costings. No need to worry how its done, we worry about that and having both a professional restoration and upholstery department working side by side within the warehouse means nothing gets overlooked.

It is not a really cheap option, but that is depending on what you are comparing it with, it can’t be as the upholstering process takes time, we all need a wage and materials do cost, good quality foam that is compliant with fire regulations is essential and a legal requirement, webbing, tacks and staples are not free. But please don’t let this put you off exploring the options, what you can end up with is something pretty special and original. The quality of a Mid Century chair or sofa frame nearly always knocks spots off new ones in the shops now.

Follow this link and browse through some of the options we have available of furniture pieces that are just waiting to be restored.