Welcome to the new vintageretro website

Welcome to the new Vintageretro website ! Our old site was getting a little cranky and creaky after nearly 10 years of service , and finally died on us in early February 2017 . We could no long access it to add new pieces or even change items to sold unfortunately .

We hope you like the new site as much as the original , and as we’ll be able to upload 6 photos per item , and they will be larger you should find it offers a better visitor experience . We’re also able to add blogs , and the newsletter feature will work , which it had long stopped doing on the old site .

People ask us why we have 2 websites , and it’s because we have so much varied stock from cheap and unrestored to expensive designer pieces that have been cleaned , re-polished and with upholstery re-done . This site is what we consider to be our warehouse site with more standard and cheaper pieces often in vintage condition . The Pureimaginations site is for the more expensive , often designer pieces . There are some pieces that will end up on both sites , but we think you the customer don’t want to wade through lots of more high-end pieces when all you want is a nice standard vintage G Plan piece . Nor does somebody looking for a Danish designer large dining table need or want to see loads of smaller 6 seater British ones by McIntosh , White + Newton etc .

Some people are happy to buy pieces in vintage condition , others want them looking as good as possible , so we have a full-time time served furniture restorer , as well as Tracey our upholsterer who works 3 days a week transforming sofas , chairs and stools . Our restorer Les started at 16 and trained as a cabinet maker and antique restorer . After some 16 years working mainly on Georgian and later Antique pieces he joined us in late 2014 , bringing his considerable restoration and polishing skills which means we can transform pieces that have had many years of use , and sometimes also abuse ! Some pieces reach us in almost ” as new ” condition , but many many more have sustained a few signs of wear after 40 or 50 years .

So we have 2 people just concentrating on bringing pieces back to their best , whilst Andrew + Jonathan scour the UK and sometimes Denmark , Belgium and Holland sourcing new stock . Much of this comes from our excellent contacts , whilst a growing amount comes from people who have vintage pieces to sell from houses throughout the UK . Between us we have a lot of knowledge .