Welcome to our new table and kitchenware section !

Welcome to our new table and kitchenware section!

It’s to be found by going to the “Accessories ” button and then there are various choices such as Mirrors, Ceramics and Glass, and Rugs to which we’ve now added Table and Kitchenware.

We created Pure Imagination Ltd in around 2003. At the time we were buying mainly Scandinavian glass and ceramics bought on trips to Sweden and then Denmark. We soon started buying other small things we saw and liked such as teak pepper grinders , ice buckets and trays, before gradually adding Danish furniture. Initially we sold things at Fairs before setting up the first Pure Imagination website. The furniture side soon took over and the vintageretro website was added whilst Fairs gradually took a back seat along with the smaller items we had been buying. When we moved out of a previous warehouse some 9 or 10 years ago a lot of smaller pieces got boxed and left to one side. We’ve decided it’s time to bring them out of ” hiding ” and put them on the website, so expect some more additions over the next few weeks.

Andrew can’t help collecting things, and started with Old Hall stainless steel toast-racks, then moved on to stainless steel in general and particularly pieces by a little know top quality Danish maker called Lundtofte. Then came a collection of Danish teak pepper grinders of which there are an amazing variations to be found even in a country as small as Denmark. As many ended up in boxes it’s time to bring some out for sale as its a shame to have them hidden away. Some still work well, but others were bought as decorative examples so if you’re looking to use them please check with us first!