We’re buying mid-century British and Scandinavian teak all over mainland Britain !

We’re buying mid-century British and Scandinavian teak all over mainland Britain!

In the last 2 weeks alone we’ve bought Ladderax systems from Pembrokeshire and Kent . G Plan from Southampton , Cumbria , Newcastle Upon Tyne and Biggar in Scotland . Scandinavian pieces from Cumbria and Yorkshire and have some pieces being collected soon in Leicester . A lovely White and Newton sideboard is on its way from Sussex and an A Younger dining set is due to be picked up near Chichester soon also .

Each week we are offered a lot of pieces , and we do buy a good percentage of it , particularly if it’s on our potential shopping list . Some pieces will only be of interest if they’re fairly local as they may be fairly common and we can buy enough without travelling too far . We obviously have to take collection costs into account when buying so do let us know where the piece or pieces are . Do please send us photos !

Some people only have 1 piece for sale , but others will have a few pieces or even a house full ! The more you have the better particularly if its the kind of thing we’re looking for . We’ll be less choosy if you have 4 or more pieces as it will be worth us considering items that we would only normally buy locally .

Much of what we have bought was offered to us by private people , but some was also sourced in auction . We can offer more privately than we can pay at auction as many auctions are now charging buyers over 20% on top of the hammer price , and of course you will save the selling costs . Every week we see some things selling at auction for far more than we would pay , but then also buy other things at well below what we expected !

The market is forever changing and we can be asked for things today that we wouldn’t have bought a couple of years ago . On the other hand some things that we used to sell easily 4 or 5 years ago might now not be as popular , so we’re always watching trends .

If you do send us some photos we will usually either make an offer for all or some of the pieces , or if not we will try to give some advice if we can and if asked . Some days we get offered a lot more than others so can’t guarantee to respond as quickly as we’d like . Also a few email replies end up in spam or junk so do check , and other people mistype their own email address !

On the whole we’re looking for good quality 1960s and early 1970s teak by makers who may or may not be known . The first things on our list is usually long low sideboards , and the least likely to be of interest are glazed display units .

We’re constantly researching what we sell and are in touch with a couple of designers who were working in the 1960s , and also families of others . We also collect original catalogues and receipts so if you have kept any do let us know .