A Younger vintage furniture ranges here’s a toast !

A Younger vintage furniture ranges here’s a toast !

In our ever growing mid-century catalogue collection we have a 1964 A Younger catalogue . It shows 7 different ranges of dining furniture , and 3 of bedroom furniture . We’ve worked out the link between the dining ranges , they’re all alcohol related , but are struggling with the bedroom ranges .

We thought that the earliest Younger contemporary range was the Volnay ( a French wine ) designed by their chief design John J Herbert in 1956 and made for over 10 years . However apparently it was the Moselle ( German wine ) range of 1955 that came first , but as yet we’ve not found anything from that range illustrated online . The Volnay was made of solid afromosia , which is darker than teak .

The Volnay is in their 1964 catalogue along with the 2 next most commonly seen ranges Fonseca ( port wine ) and Da Silva ( port wine ) . Less frequently seen are Croft ( sherry ) which we’ve had a couple of times . All 3 in oiled teak .  Hennessey ( brandy ) in French walnut ( we’ve had once ) and Kirsch ( cherry brandy ) which we’ve just sourced for the first time , also a French walnut finish . The only range we’ve yet to have is the Benedictine ( liqueur ) also in oiled teak , but a little boring !

There are other Younger sideboard models we’ve had that aren’t illustrated in the 1964 catalogue , so it would be great to know what alcoholic names they were given . To date we’ve had 4 or 5 of these mystery ones so far . In 1968 A Younger simplified their offering to reduce costs at a time when their customer base was shrinking due to higher taxes on high earning Brits . This new range was simply called Sequence . One of the sideboards shown in this article is a pre-1968 model that isn’t shown in the 1964 catalogue .

Their bedroom ranges in 1964 were the beautiful and stylish Codan , the rather understated Russell , both in teak and the rather wacky Kystens Perle in Brasilian rosewood or French walnut . Kystens Perle comes up as a Danish restaurant and hotel in 3 or 4 places when searched online . Why I say ” wacky ” is that the dressing table is oval with 2 circular mirrors standing on a metal pedestal and looks totally alien in comparison with the usually restrained stylish designs of this quality British maker . We’ve once seen this piece on Ebay .

If anybody can come up with a link between Kystens Perle , Russell and Codan they deserve a prize . Perhaps a bottle of vintage port should be on offer !! We’re certainly willing to buy any vintage Younger catalogues if they show pieces not shown in the 1964 and 1968 catalogues that we currently have  .

G Plan invested a lot of money in their catalogues , regularly issuing new ones as well as spending on their design and colour photography . Other companies who were smaller than Youngers produced some really stylish ones , but going by the 1964 and 1968 ones they only had a very small budget . Maybe this was because their pieces were often sold by smaller independent retailers many of whom didn’t like to sell branded products . We’ve yet to see a Younger’s label on a dining table , and they’re rarely seen on chairs . Many of their labels on sideboards are to be found only by taking the top drawer out , as they’re to be found on the back of the back of the drawer , and we’ve had a few without a label .